About Me

Hello! I'm Annie. I do stuff, and also things! Yes, especially things.

Like make this blog! I want to accomplish some small something every day, and I intend to do so. This is to chronicle my inevitable failure or my slim chance of possible success.

I also stream! You can click this link to find me on Twitch.

Don't care for Twitch? Click here to watch my videos on Youtube!

Want updates? Click this link to find me on Twitter.

Also, you can totally give me money if you want. Here are a bunch of links to help you do just that:
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Whew. I think that's all the formalities.

Would you like to be my friend? Of course not! But in case you're oblivious enough to ignore my copious amount of red flags, you're welcome to message me or even cyber stalk me! I've made it quite easy, as my username is theanneh on every site I've ever joined.

Here's some personal information that is very likely true!

-I quite like talking.
-I play video games. My current tops: Elder Scrolls, Pokemon, Hearthstone, and whatever else people ask me to play.
-I play table top games. DnD, Pathfinder, Warmachine/Hordes, Dark Heresy, and of course, more.
-I watch television. I also like to talk about it. Always Sunny is my favorite show.
-The fingerprints of koala bears are virtually indistinguishable from those of humans, so much so that the two have been confused at crime scenes. Neat!
-I tend to partake in indie music. Islands is my favorite band. Gorillaz is a close second.

Drop me a line!


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