August 27, 2016

Words of the Week #2


She opened the laptop slowly. This was her new life. A new job. It was her dream job. Except, no one told her during the interview she'd be using a new computer. Her technophobia had only worsened as time went on. Computers would take over. Human kind would be enslaved. By using this computer, she was only implicating herself further. She knew that if she participated in this activity, her very life was on the line. She shut the lid and put the now-paperweight in the corner of the room she used to stack unpacked boxes. Time to get a different job.


Contradistinction, in contradistinction to other words, jumps off the page and prevents your eyes from moving past what could have been a more adequate word.


The couple dined on a sumptuous meal. Funny. The man filed bankruptcy three days before.


The often laconic nature of my word of the day drabbles is part of their appeal to me. 


While it may be antiquated, I prefer to tell people "I want to watch my stories" instead of "I want to watch TV".


She tried to do a preprandial blessing but, like always, was cut off by her family already chomping into their meal.


I had no idea my name had another meaning!


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