August 29, 2016

Flash Fiction #1

These all had word/character limits. This was hard. Enjoy!

Religious Transformation or Lack Thereof
A test of faith, they said. Burnt coals led to singed soles.

Alcoholism as a Family Tradition
I have rum to thank for my life. It is what brought me into this world. It kept me clinging to the world it forced me into. I have rum to blame for my existence. "Just one more" became my life's philosophy. I have rum to praise for my death.

Foreigners. Tourists. Boy did they look it, standing in Tokyo photographing pedestrians.

Muggy. The air outside could only be described as muggy. Mist hung heavy in the air over our heads. We were silent. The shovel, the dirt, did all the talking.
Delilah was happy earlier that day, when the sun was high in the sky and a pocket full of cash. She was lucky earlier that day.
There was only one shovel. I paced back and forth, feet sinking into the mud -- almost too deep for me to pull out again. Bill wiped sweat from his brow. It was my turn to help.
Now I know where 'dead weight' comes from.

A Gift from a Pet
A white streak passes through my peripherals. I'll have a pigeon tonight.


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