January 16, 2015

When the Dragons Appeared

Something I wrote for a contest a while ago. I didn't win. Posting this for prosperity.
"Sometimes humanity pulls through... this time it just might not."
So said the TV, broadcasting the president's plea for the US to stay calm. With lines like that, it obviously was not working.
When the dragons appeared -- practically overnight -- no one was sure what fate would befall our race. There was no consensus over what to do or how to handle these unknown creatures. No one knew what to do.
I did. I played Flight Rising. I made calls. I contacted everyone I knew and everyone they knew and everyone THEY knew and so on. My message was the same: Fish. Hunt. Gather plants and collect insects. Hoard them. Tell everyone.
Everyone complied. While governments floundered, we acted. While nuclear missiles were armed, we toiled. While populations panicked, we joined together. It took time and work and cooperation, but finally we had what we needed: stockpiles of food and various trinkets.
It was easy after that. We found the fae, offering them insects to be our emmisaries to the other dragons. They spread the word and soon we were surrounded by creatures unfathomable in size and aesthetic. We offered our food to them.
They were just as discombobulated as we were, as it turns out. "We have no idea where we are," they told us, "and humans kind of freak us out."


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