September 18, 2014

I Sang Some Things Again and Apparently an Update on My Life

 I also got to eat at Czech Bakery.
Suck it, nerds.
If I don't keep posting in this blog, I'll stop altogether. NOT THIS TIME.

Last weekend I attended Clash for a Cure, my first Warmachine tournament ever. I lost every single game. Every single one. It was very fun, except for this one asshole I played against who apparently no one likes anyway. I honestly almost punched him. I didn't, though, so I'll count that as a win. So I didn't lose every battle and I think that one was the toughest all weekend.

Today was a good day. I met some people playing Pokemon TCG. I used one of their decks and won. Instant friendships forged through the power of catching them all*.

Oh! I also found out I may be able to finish my associates degree next semester. Took me long enough (Sorry mom and dad. My b.). I'm going to move on to a university and then teach high school sciences. Funny how something that should have been obvious to me took like 3 years to figure out.

People will like me more as a teacher. I'll go on fewer rants about what I just learned from the last book I read and that will likely make me much more enjoyable to be around. That was a lie. I'll probably do it more (Again, sorry mom and dad. I know you're sick of it but that doesn't stop me and I doubt it never will).

Here's some stuff I sang. I learned how to do light effects on my voice so it's slightly higher quality. You're welcome.

This is a Cover of This Too Shall Pass by Danny Schmidt.
If you don't listen to the original you are no longer my friend, related, or whatever else you were to me before you read this line.

This is a link to the song on youtube. You have no excuse.

I also sang this thing:

Which is also fun to sing.

*Just the good ones. There are too many Pokemon and a lot of them are terrible. I'm looking at you Bidoof.


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