September 18, 2014


I enjoy making characters. This one isn't the most well thought out bit I think he's fun. The image is not mine!

Anyway, posting this here so I start to... you know... post content.


Name: Dovev Veilus ("whispered veil")
Age: 26
Dovev has no magic. He was born in a town that disavowed most magics. As a product of his upbringing, he distrusts those that utilize it. He does not make this fact known and it is not obvious in his demeanor. He can and has traveled with mages with few incidents, but it has not changed his outlook. He is not very trusting, but hides this well.

    He has apprenticed under two craftsmen. The first craftsman was a master of both weapon forging and enchanting. Dovev, likely because of his predisposition against magic, was never able to understand enchanting. He poured all of his time into crafting weaponry. His teacher stressed that weapons must be tested and used because no blade or bow should ever go to waste. Thus, whenever he completed a satisfactory weapon, he would hunt using it. Unsurprisingly, having a cursory knowledge of how each new weapon he created led to an ability to perfect similar weapons as he continued to practice his craft. This also has resulted in him being a jack of all trades yet master of none. He has a fascination with crafting bows and arrows especially, loving the ability to create bows from the bones of killed animals.
    Unfortunately, many hunts had left Dovev wounded or led him to face foes much more powerful than he. Because of this, he sought out an apothecary to apprentice under. With pockets filled with a suitable amount of gold and the gift of an enchanted warhammer, he left his town and previous master behind to find a suitable potions master. A few months of travel as a hired guard for a group of merchants led him to the capital of his region. Through word of mouth he learned of a respected apothecary in the capital. After a small bribe, he was accepted as the woman's protege.
    She believed the basics to be the most important. He spent many a night learning the basics of tending wounds, properties of plants and other alchemical ingredients, how to identify sickness and poisonings, and most importantly how to handle their treatment. It was more than a year before she let him brew his own potions. He learned how to make every healing salve he'd read about and knew why they worked and when to use them. He excelled at this.
    After about 8 months had passed, his instructor began to teach him how to create poisons. At that point, potion making had become natural for him and he found great pleasure in creating poison. He still continued to hunt for his food, despite making a decent living off of selling potions and the occasional crafted weapon (he had no real place to make weapons, so he payed a blacksmith for occasional access to his facilities to avoid losing his crafting abilities).
    Something changed after he began perfecting poison creation. His teacher had him brew more and more potent poisons. As time passed, he was creating substances deemed illegal due to their potency, untraceability, and most importantly, their inability to be treated. He gave her the benefit of the doubt due to her expertise and insistence that he never stop perfecting his healing salves. This is why he was completely blindsided when the worst happened. She told him to dip an arrow in one of his poisons and kill a man.
He did so. His mistress rewarded him with gold and the knowledge of who he killed. Upon learning this, he found the closest tavern to drink his guilt away.

He has an enchanted battle axe. While it has magical properties, he has not been able to figure out what they are and how to use them. He knows how to wield the weapon rather well, however. He mainly uses a bow he crafted out of bone. His arrows, too, are crafted himself. He carries with him a multitude of alchemical ingredients. Some are used as healing salves and others are potent poisons. He is able to identify properties of flora and other possible ingredients and has had enough training to create his own concoctions. He also has very high stamina because of his horse features.

Generally a jovial person, Dovev does not seem like a guarded person. He tends to be shaken easily, but generally powers through.
Specie: Horse. He has horse legs.
Appearance: He is bulky but it is mostly lean muscle. He has short, though usually unkempt, brown hair. He has an oval face, proportional nose, and hazel eyes. He has a tattoo as well, though it is hidden by his clothing. He tends to wear simple cloth most of the time and light weight leather armor for hunting. He has many pockets and satchels for ingredients and vials and a quiver for arrows.

I Sang Some Things Again and Apparently an Update on My Life

 I also got to eat at Czech Bakery.
Suck it, nerds.
If I don't keep posting in this blog, I'll stop altogether. NOT THIS TIME.

Last weekend I attended Clash for a Cure, my first Warmachine tournament ever. I lost every single game. Every single one. It was very fun, except for this one asshole I played against who apparently no one likes anyway. I honestly almost punched him. I didn't, though, so I'll count that as a win. So I didn't lose every battle and I think that one was the toughest all weekend.

Today was a good day. I met some people playing Pokemon TCG. I used one of their decks and won. Instant friendships forged through the power of catching them all*.

Oh! I also found out I may be able to finish my associates degree next semester. Took me long enough (Sorry mom and dad. My b.). I'm going to move on to a university and then teach high school sciences. Funny how something that should have been obvious to me took like 3 years to figure out.

People will like me more as a teacher. I'll go on fewer rants about what I just learned from the last book I read and that will likely make me much more enjoyable to be around. That was a lie. I'll probably do it more (Again, sorry mom and dad. I know you're sick of it but that doesn't stop me and I doubt it never will).

Here's some stuff I sang. I learned how to do light effects on my voice so it's slightly higher quality. You're welcome.

This is a Cover of This Too Shall Pass by Danny Schmidt.
If you don't listen to the original you are no longer my friend, related, or whatever else you were to me before you read this line.

This is a link to the song on youtube. You have no excuse.

I also sang this thing:

Which is also fun to sing.

*Just the good ones. There are too many Pokemon and a lot of them are terrible. I'm looking at you Bidoof.