June 22, 2014

Whipped Cream

Today was one of those days where you learn something new about yourself.
PSA to all Americans out there: Soccer fucking rules. I know you want to be one of the cool kids hating on the sport but c'mon there's a reason people are so hype about the game we renamed because we thought ours was better.

Anyway so I'm sitting in this bar in Antigua angsting about how nothing virgin tastes good (there's a joke so obvious there, I refuse to make it), when I realized something. I really like soccer.

And then I discovered something even better: Desert nachos. How does one even make something so delicious. It was all cinnamon chips and chocolate drizzle and... whipped cream.


I then sat at a coffee shop and wrote a few pages of my novel I'll never finish. I got very into it. It was likely because of the six cups of coffee I consumed. Never give me a french press. Too good to not drink all of it.

In other news, we hung up a hammock.

It's comfortable.


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