June 13, 2014

I Did a Thing

I did a thing.
I shouldn't have done the thing.
But I did the thing.
Don't send help.
It's too late for me. 
There is no turning back.

I'm reading CSI comics.

In my defense -- there is no defense for this, not really -- it's published by IDW.

Today I was given a lovely guitar. Can I play the guitar, you ask?
If knowing 3 chords counts, then yes. Yes I can.

Forgive me, mother and father, for using an Obama poster for a joke. It will never I happen again.

Like Obama

It's a pretty guitar, though.

My fingers hurt.

In other news, I finished Bakemonogatari. For those of you who like all those Japanese aye-nee-mays, I recommend it. Little bit too focused on romance in parts (for my tastes, anyway), but the action was cool. The animation was also quality except for the random non-animated stock footage they used to lower the animation budget -- don't think I didn't notice, Shaft.

In other, other news, I finished Serial Experiments: Lain. I'm only about a decade late. I gave myself some time to reflect on the series before posting anything about it--

I still don't know what's going on.


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