August 2, 2011

Harry Potter Link Attack!

Leave the Monday blues behind with Link Attack Tuesday!

In honor of the final Harry Potter movie, my family and I have been re-watching all the Harry Potter movies. I decided to so some broomstick flying around the web to find some interesting links to share. So to kick off my Link Attack Tuesday and to celebrate the end of an era... Here's what I found!

Harry Potter re-cut as a teen movie:
This made me laugh. I'm so glad the movies stuck to the books. xD

The Harry Potter Lexicon:
A complete reference guide to all things Harry Potter. Very informative. Also, it's nice having all the info about the Wizarding World in one place!

Harry Potter and Alchemy:
This is a very interesting link indeed: It points out alchemical references in Harry Potter. It's a good read if you enjoy the subject.

HP Pickup Lines:
Some of these may not be to appropriate... But who says that's a bad thing?

HP Cakes:
As a long time reader of Cake Wrecks I encourage anyone and everyone to follow them if you haven't already. This post is a lovely bunch of Harry Potter Cakes that are thankfully not wrecks... Though a few posts below it there are a few. I love cakes and that Hogwarts cake especially makes me very happy indeed!

Harry Potter Character Alignments:
If you love DnD like I do, you are probably familiar with the alignment system: a way of showing the basic beliefs or values of a character (in a sense). I think it's interesting to see where each character lies (though some may be arguable and others are obvious).

Life After Harry Potter:
A friend showed me this website after he had finished the books. I have personally not read any off the list (except The Once and Future King) but it's good for those who are at the "end of an era" and don't know where to turn!

And to end my post...
Thanks for reading!


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