July 14, 2011

My First Lolita Skirt

I bought my first skirt off of body line a few days ago. According to my tracker, it's in customs currently. I still need a petti to go under it, though I'm not sure what color to get.

Here's the skirt:

I'm hoping it fits okay! I got it in orange. I love how this skirt looks. It's definitely not my first choice of skirts to get (and I'm not sure how I feel about the shiny bows), but I don't want to go and buy anything expensive until I lose weight. Also, I'm a bit scared to order off of taobao because I have not even a single clue about shopping services.

Until then, a simple, cheap coord is enough to make this newbie Lolita happy. I'm planning to be mostly off brand anyway (nothing against brand -- there are a lot of pieces I want my hands on. That's the problem, I think. I want it all and can't choose what to keep my eyes on).

Needed next: Shoes (maybe), top, Petti, bloomers, head piece.

With much less than three,


  1. this skirt is really nice! It is giving me a steam punk feeling :) All my not homemade pieces are from Body Line, I love that store! :D:D

  2. @Churi Chan
    Thank you! I love brown in lolita coords, and so I wanted to start with something around there. I like Bodyline a lot, but there;s not enough classic lolita on there to suite my tastes. xD