July 20, 2011

Look What Came In!

I recently ordered a skirt from Bodyline. It came in recently, but I waited to take any photos till my petticoats came in (from Sock Dreams -- They're nice, but not as fluffy as I had hoped them to be). It was packaged fine with no damage.

Look at the pretty package it came in! It was a pleasant surprise.

This is the skirt unwrapped. It's in two pieces, a fact that I am quite pleased about. Otherwise I'm sure it would be a struggle to get on. It was a little wrinkled -- but that's to be expected. I'm hoping the wrinkles will shake out if I hang it up.
Here's me in it! I don't have a full coord and I had to get kind of creative to take the picture. I love how the skirt fits! I was afraid it was too tight but turns out I was buttoning it wrong. It fits awesomely, though.
This is the shoes I wore, along with the lower details of my skirt. Oh do I love those shoes. I can't wait until my accessories come in!

Outfit Rundown:
Cardigan: Offbrand
Top: Delias
Skirt: Bodyline
Socks: Sock Heaven
Shoes: Offbrand

July 14, 2011

My First Lolita Skirt

I bought my first skirt off of body line a few days ago. According to my tracker, it's in customs currently. I still need a petti to go under it, though I'm not sure what color to get.

Here's the skirt:

I'm hoping it fits okay! I got it in orange. I love how this skirt looks. It's definitely not my first choice of skirts to get (and I'm not sure how I feel about the shiny bows), but I don't want to go and buy anything expensive until I lose weight. Also, I'm a bit scared to order off of taobao because I have not even a single clue about shopping services.

Until then, a simple, cheap coord is enough to make this newbie Lolita happy. I'm planning to be mostly off brand anyway (nothing against brand -- there are a lot of pieces I want my hands on. That's the problem, I think. I want it all and can't choose what to keep my eyes on).

Needed next: Shoes (maybe), top, Petti, bloomers, head piece.

With much less than three,